Dreams of Saronia

"Long ago, near the onset of the Fourth Umbral Calamity, there existed within the Allagan Empire a province called Saronia. Ruled by Provincial Governor Gorn Restor under the watchful eyes of Ambassador to Allag Gigameth. It was an industrialized nation that prided itself on its airships, especially their flagship Nautilus. Gorn's son Alus, on the other hand, he proved to be much more difficult for the Empire to control. This is where Saronia's history according to Allag, and the truth, begin to diverge..."

Professor Leo Baldesion

Thank You for Your Interest in New Saronia


Saronia was a kingdom that existed thousands of years ago during the Third Astral Era lost to Allagan conquest, but thanks to Sharlayan Historians we're able to bring their history and culture to Eorzea today.


More than a Preservation Society, we strive to create a sense of fellowship and community among adventurers of all backgrounds. Part of honoring the memory of Saronia is providing for any and all who have been displaced or forgotten.


We're always looking for like minded individuals whether they wish to aid their fellow denizens of Hydaelyn, contribute to furthering our mission of preserving the Saronian way of life, or provide other services.


The Kingdom of Saronia has had something of a sordid history since it's founding during the Third Astral Era. The name has emerged in three different locations at three different times which lends something of a convenient method of breaking it's history into eras.

Kingdom of Saronia - Repressed Potential

Little is known about the kingdom before the arrival of the Allagan Empire during the Third Astral Era. Information about their artifacts and architecture suggests a mindset rooted in durability and sustainability, those that invented and produced these artifacts were called Cannoneers. Being neighbors to dragonkind allowed for a unique opportunity for an alliance of sorts for shared security, those that fought alongside dragons were called Dragoners. Both of these groups and their contributions may have been attractive to the Allagan conquerors.

For a time after the Allagan annexation, Saronia enjoyed relative peace and prosperity through an infusion of Allagan technology, even still permitted their royal line in a figurehead position. Though with Allag as the true ruler, it was only a matter of time before Saronians lost their way of life and culture to a gradual introduction of more and more Allagan mandates.

There was always some dissent among the oldest of Saronia's residents, but through a combination of fear and selective appeasement, these concerns fell on deaf ears until Prince Alus Restor came of age and began to take these concerns to heart. Alus was brimming with charisma and empathy and was able to move the hearts of the people into action against their Allagan interlopers, eventually this became enough of a problem for Allag to respond.

Allag benefited greatly not only from the sustainability mindset of the Saronians, but also the martial prowess of their army. Those at the top that provided these things to Allag were made very well off as a result and were not too keen on shaking things up. The Allagan representative at the time, a man name Gigameth, used that to appeal to each of the 2 top influencers of the Cannoneers and Dragoners respectively and turn them against one another. Saronia thus became divided and Alus' rebellion no longer had a common foe to rally against.

Eventually, Allag was able to silence the rebellion. Unfortunately for Saronia, the hold of the Empire was starting to falter throughout the realm, and they needed to be made an example of. King Gorn Restor, the reigning figurehead, was murdered by Gigameth and Alus was framed for it. He was sentenced to be publicly executed by Voidgate along with other rebel leaders and Allagan undesirables. Saronia, now left without a leader, fell to further ruin while the Cannoneers and Dragoners engaged in civil war. It was almost a mercy when Allag leveled the kingdom to the ground via airship bombardment and declared to all that it was never anything more than a den of criminals. Thus ended the first chapter of Saronia's story.

Echoes of Saronia - Dim Light in a World of Darkness

Most of the group thrown into the Voidgate that fateful day knew nothing of what to expect on the other side except to never be seen or heard from again, though by either sheer luck or divine intervention, among them was a member of the Allagan Imperial Family vying for the throne and knew all to well what awaited them. He hatched a plan with his supporters to harness the power of the Void to his own ends. What he found however, was a neverending maelstrom of chaotic Astral aether that threatened to rip them apart. Most of their preparations were rendered useless, but thanks to the inginuity of Alus and other rebel leaders, they were able to modify an Aetheric Converter to project a field of stable aether in which to exist without fear of succumbing to aetheric imbalance and turning into a Voidsent.

The process used a substance called Myrrh as the fuel, which was gathered by breaking down anything they could fine that hadn't been tainted by the Void. Gathering such things became the most important task for their continued survival, leading to the establishment of Aether Hunters. These Hunters sought out Voidgates being opened from other places and taking anything they could use to turn to Myrrh, even occasionally finding able bodied people who could bolster their ranks. Through this, they were able to sustain themselves for generations, though one would not easily call such an existence a life well lived.

Eventually there was a noteworthy Miqo'te Hunter born into that world, he was proud to continually serve his tribe and faithfully sought out and recovered salvage from opened Voidgates, but he would always lament when things like books or works or art were converted into Myrrh. Eventually he would start to gather extra so he could hide any books he recovered in secret. This went well and emboldened him to seek more and more until he came across an old Mhachi historian. Normally, those that were too enfeebled to become Hunters placed too great a burden on the tribe and had to be Spared, their own aether converted into Myrrh as their final gift to the tribe. He felt that turning the historian over would be too great a loss, as this man could teach them about the world their ancestors left behind. He worked hard to provide extra Myrrh in secret to feed his old friend, and in return he was taught to read Allagan and Mhachi, which allowed him to finally read all the books he'd collected.

Eventually the fatigue and lost sleep took their toll on his abilities as an Aether Hunter, and he was found out by a fellow Hunter, a remarkably talented lady Miqo'te who considered him something of a rival. She was at first shocked by his apparent selfishness but over time he was able to convince her that what he was doing would ultimately make everyone better off. From that day forward, she found new hope and purpose and pledged to help him. They more often than not found themselves hunting together after that.

Saronia Compound - A Relative Golden Age

The Hunts that followed were lucrative and the combined strength of the man's martial technique and the woman's remarkable magic allowed them to gather what would otherwise be too dangerous to approach. One day, a powerful Voidsent came across the Hunters which put the man in considerable danger, the woman heroically managed to save his life and defeat the Voidsent, but something they'd never seen before was left behind, a Crystal of Light. A voice called to her that hadn't been heard in that world since time immemorial, and it caused the woman to glow with the brightest light he had ever seen. Their rivalry turned co-conspiracy turned partnership colored his perception to see this potentially frightening anomaly before him as something truly beautiful. What came with this Crystal and subsequent blessing of Light was a power that beggared belief. She was able to dispatch Voidsent with such ease and efficiency as to render them almost irrelevant.

Thanks to this power, she became a symbol of Hope for the tribe, and they used that status to finally reveal his grand vision of creating a life to be proud of. He revealed all that he learned from his books and together they built themselves a compound, then another, then another. Before long, their tribe began to resemble a proper settlement and their Myrrh powered light began to shine in their small corner of the Void. The Hunters that made all this possible were revered as wise harbingers of a new era of enlightenment. The Hunter, in reverence to one of the founders of their society took on the name Restor and called their people Saronians. Chief Restor carried on the new paradigm of expansion in relative comfort. All of the Hunters used their newfound knowledge to take names for themselves, live longer, and have families. Chief Restor and the Warrior of Light being no exception.

Such times were not to last however. One day seemingly like any other, the Warrior of Light never came back from an outing and her loss was felt massively. Whether from the loss of her strength directly or the hope that came from knowing she was with them was the larger factor is unclear, but the truth of the matter is Saronia was not the same after her disappearance. Bit by bit, the Hunters stumbled and fell and the Voidsent noted the absence of Saronia's Champion. Before long, the raids began and the losses to the Hunters compounded, causing them to doubt the wisdom of Restor's dreams. None felt the loss of the Warrior of Light more acutely than her loving husband and their children, Restor's grief translated into a single minded pursuit of the purpose the two of them shared. The losses continued unabated however and with it the doubt of the Hunters grew until they embraced a new calling for Exodus: leave Saronia behind and find a new home.

While this was happening, three of their children sought their own answers. Miki, Restor's oldest daughter, continued to support her father as best she could using her technical expertise; Jored, son and decorated Hunter in his own right, led the call to turn away from his father and embrace new leadership; and Sera, his youngest daughter, never gave up on finding her mother, goaded onward by her grandfather. One way or another, Restor lost them all, furthering his descent into despair and marking the end of an era for Saronia.

Eventually with much effort and sacrifice, Exodus was a success. This allowed Restor and the remaining Hunters to escape the Void at last.

New Saronia Civic Hall - Legacy, Ideal, and Rebirth

Millenia after the fall of Allag, during the Seventh Umbral Era, there was a Sharlayan professor named Leo Baldesion who made it his life's work to travel the world as an Orator spreading his philosophy of resolving conflict through connections. Ironically, it was through his studies of Allagan division that he happened upon an all but forgotten name, Saronia. His latest manuscript was all about how the Allagans divided the Saronians then tried to erase them from history, but he sadly was never able to publish it as he was on the Isle of Val when it disappeared. After this happened, Sharlayan feared his last work would be lost forever.

Years later, after the Alliance declared the onset of the Seventh Astral Era, Professor Baldesion's son, U'leoh, was continuing his search for his father when he discovered the location of the Isle of Val. He took a trip out to investigate and eventually discovered his father's remains as well as his Saronian manuscript and took it home with him. After a period of mourning, he was approached by a Sharlayan representative who offered to publish his father's last paper and pay the royalties for the research. U'leoh received not only this but also the financial remainder of his father's estate. U'leoh now found himself with an abundance of coin and decided to use it to continue his father's legacy and erect a Civic Hall bearing the name of New Saronia.

Shortly thereafter, Restor came to join up with U'leoh and the two of them together now are overseeing the development of this new chapter in Saronia's story.


Balmung, Mist, Ward 23, Plot 7

The New Saronia Embassy's main level contains a reception desk with a small collection of restored Allagan nodes, seating area with a selection of tomes containing collected works from the Third Astral Era, and a small museum with exhibits of cultural significance to Saronia's history. Behind the main lobby is a door leading to a variety of spaces open to the public. Downstairs is a lounge used in our Public Nights ((Wednesdays 6pm Pacific/9pm Eastern)) that serves to offer a place to socialize, relax, and occasionally find entertainment. Upstairs is our administrative office, conference room, and storage room for our Logistics department.


The entry log reads:
"Saronia enjoyed prosperity thanks in no small part to it's superior sustainability technology and airship design from a group called the Cannoneers (left), along with the tactical prowess and positive rapport with dragon kind of the Dragoners (right). While Price Alus Restor was trying to organize a rebellion, the Allagan Empire used propoganda and appeasement tactics to turn the leaders of these two groups against one another."

The entry log reads:
"Saronia's fleet of airships was well respected thanks in no small part to their speed and efficiency, their pride and joy was their flagship: the Nautilus."
There is a disclaimer underneath that describes the model being an approximation based on blueprints as the technology used to create the original Nautilus, a theoretical super efficient lightweight powerhouse of an engine, was lost.

The entry log reads:
"The Dragoners of Saronia were headquartered in a tall spire in Saronia's Southeast district, their friendliness with the dragons of Meracydia enriched both cultures and unlocked combat potential in Saronia's security forces. Tragically, Meracydia was cut off from Saronia near the end of the rebellion causing a rift that wouldn't mend for 5000 years."

The entry log reads:
"Early on in Saronia's history of Allagan annexation, there was a period of enrichment where both civilizations benefited, though once Prince Alus' rebellion took a foothold, Allag turned on Saronia, eventually levelling it with an aerial bombardment."

The entry log reads:
"Much of the troubles that plagued Allag near the onset of the 4th Umbral Calamity is thought to have been caused by the Allagan experiments with Voidgates. Such consequences persisted well into the 5th Astral Eras as well, through the Nymian, Amdapori, and Mhachi conflict known as the War of the Magi. Even today there are still troubled spots due to weakening of the rift between worlds and the Voidsent that come through as a result."


New Saronia Public Night

Wednesday Evenings - 6pm Pacific/9pm Eastern for 3 Hours

Temporarily on Hiatus pending rework.

Lounge Menu

Long Form RP

Saturday Evenings - Times and Durations Can Vary

Current Arc Details

Timeline of Events (Spoilers for MSQ on Display)


Chief - U'leoh Tia

The son of Professor Leo Baldesion, Leoh is the man who is the primary caretaker of the New Saronia Civic Hall. His main focus is keeping his father's legacy alive by spreading his ideals of connecting with people and learning from the mistakes of the past.

Lead Hunter - Harper Creed

Harper is the personal Guard of Nalia Cantrell and Arianna Krisyarus. She's Saronia's resident Imp and can often be found out and about in random mischief or in Saronia's workshop, tinkering with various things. When asked what she's doing you'll either get a proper response or something completely different from what she was actually doing. As for her actual work for Saronia, She helps Rilo with Cooking and acts as a Hunter. She's also not one to shy away from any wetwork or demolitions needed for the group.

Lead Hunter - Nalia Cantrell

A famous playwright from Ishgard that (by pure chance) became host to a nine-tailed fox aupsice, Nalia came to Saronia seeking inspiration for her next play and instead found a new home. Now serving as an emissary between Saronia and lands such as Ishgard, Othard, and even Meracydia, Nalia uses her charm and wit to become an official diplomat for her found family.

Friends of Saronia

Black Talon Market - Alternating Thursdays in Goblet Ward 10, Plot 4 on Mateus

Hearty Delights - Goblet Ward 20, Plot 18 on Balmung

Carbuncle's Favor Confectionary - Every 3rd Thursday in Mist Ward 16, Plot 44 on Balmung

The Sleepy Nomad - Every 2nd Thursday in Mist Ward 16, Plot 44 on Balmung

About New Saronia Vanguard

Our FC was founded on the ideal of providing a place where anyone could come and play any kind of character desired. With that in mind, Saronia has and anticipates a broad level of acceptance for lore bending. We're friendly to Garleans, Beastfolk, Dragonkin, denizens of the First (and other Shards), those with over-aspected aether (such as Voidsent or Sin Eaters), or just about anything else that might darken our doorstep.

One possible exception is the Public Night, the events every Wednesday night are designed to be something of an "open house" that is accepting to everyone In Character so everyone is encouraged to put their best foot forward in a sense and try to fit in with Eorzea at large. This is to allow those that play average Eorzean characters to feel secure about their visit to New Saronia and not have to worry about reconciling or flat out retconing of some lore-bending aspect of the FC being pushed in their face during the Public Night. The goal once again is to be as inclusive as possible. We can work with any character to figure out what this will look like, there are no hard and fast rules that must be followed and nothing will be forced on your character whether you're hosting or visiting.

We have various channels of communication in game, there's FC chat of course and also our Crossworld Linkshell, as well as our Discord server. The FC and CWLS chat needs to be kept all ages while the Discord is 18+.

Long form RP storytelling is encouraged, we have at least one Long Form RP event every Saturday evening. Anyone is permitted to host these provided they follow a couple of simple rules that are meant to maximize inclusivity: anyone should be able to come and go at anytime through out the story without preventing the RP from going on (in other words, there can't be instances where a given character is either forbidden from participating or required to participate for IC reasons), and after the event is complete there should be a recap posted in the Discord server so that those who didn't attend the event can still follow the story and jump in later. Summaries of the current storylines are kept current both on the Discord server and on a document linked from this carrd in the Events section.

While we are not an age-gated group, it is populated and run by adults, and because of that adult themes may present themselves from time to time. Participation with discretion is advised: mature themes will not be regularly explored, but given the open nature of stories and hosts, they may be present occasionally. The host also has the option to restrict the Longform events to 18+, such limitations will be flagged on the Events page.

Logistics Division

In this world there ever stands a need for a more martial branch to every company to protect it from the many threats. Chief Restor tirelessly monitors all of the major powers of the realm and makes use of his asset network to keep up with the ebbs and flows of the political sphere, little is outside his perception. These assets are called Hunters, and there is always room for more talent to fill the ranks but there are a few guidelines to be aware of:

Life is precious, we do not set out to take it except as a last resort; no one is to be sacrificed for the sake of any mission.Information is power, we do not surrender our power to anyone without an oath of allegiance.

Our Airships

Ironworks Concept: our first build and essential proof of concept for future airship projects, designed to resemble the Enterprise but retrofitted with Allagan engines for greater specificationsOwen's Frigate: based on a prototypical Allagan design that fit somewhere between an assault fighter and a patrol ship, our most combat ready airship equipped with charged aether cannons and aetherochemical minesNautilus Air: Leoh's passion project, future flagship of New Saronia and mobile museum exhibit, unfortunately some concessions were made from the original design due to lack of information on replicating the "Wheel of Time" engine

Job Board

Current Arc Details

Timeline of Events (Spoilers for MSQ on Display)

Red Mage Classes

Red Magic is an art that was born as a result of the 6th Umbral Calamity by former White and Black Mages from Amdapor and Mhach respectively that wanted to find a more sustainable way to practice their art and devised a system that casts spells by only manipulating their own Aether. Obviously, this well is considerably smaller than the world at large, so they've had to learn to focus on efficiency, exploiting critical points to great effect.

The Crimson Duelists of the 6th Astral Era also helped to define what it means to be a Red Mage with their flashy swordplay and spellslinging. Thanks to one paticular Crimson Duelist, Leoh is able to pass along the teachings, offering a class once a moon. Class meetings take place on the beach in the same Ward as the Embassy and always open with a group warmup, followed by the lesson, then finally the Crimson Contest.

Class Flow

Warmup Examples
Making the Rounds: taking a small sample of the caster's aether and going through the whole rotation of aetheric aspection; ie Wind > Lightning > Fire > Earth > Ice > Water > WindThe Pendulum: starting with a Jolt then following up with the building up of White and Black Mana in turn until releasing it into the swordFootsies: practicing lunging and retreating with the sword to warm up muscles and get used to movement and spacing
This Moon's Lesson: Enchanting your Sword with Aether and using it to power your strikes.

Crimson Contest

The Crimson Contest is the name of the sparring that happens between students at the end of that moon's lesson. It takes place as a duel between two students with the intention of showcasing their expertise with Red Magic or Swordplay and gain greater appeal than the opponent.

The Contest takes place over rounds, the first duelist to score four points wins. A point is scored with each round, there are no ties. Each round consists of two actions from each duelist that are executed all at once, certain actions had advantage over others and will go farther toward scoring points.

Astral beats Umbral | Umbral beats Physical | Physical beats Astral

Examples of Actions
Jolt and Scatter (Physical); Veraero, Verfire, and Verthunder (Astral); Verstone, Verwater, and Verblizzard (Umbral)

The round is resolved when the 4 actions are pit against one another (the order matters). For example, Duelist A uses Jolt and Veraero while Duelist B uses Verthunder and Verfire. Jolt is Physical while Verthunder is Astral, so Jolt wins. Next, both Veraero and Verfire are Astral so no advantage is gained. The round resolves with Duelist A scoring a point. In the event of a tie, the referee will award the point based on the creativity and flare of the execution.

Just like in battle, over time Mana is accumulated based on the originating school of magic whether it's white or black. Physical spells will add one of each, White originating spells (Verstone, Veraero, and Verwater) will add two White Mana, and Black originating spells (Verfire, Verthunder, and Verblizzard) will add two Black Mana.

Once six Mana of both varieties have been accumulated, the option to use the Enchanted Sword Combination becomes available. At the expense of six Mana from both sides, the caster executes a physical action that grants additional advantage in that faceoff (Ties with Umbral or another ESC, Wins against Physical, Wins Greatly against Astral). Strategic use of the Combination will greatly increase the odds of a favorable outcome for that round.